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This software teaches you how to solve the Rubik's Sudoku Cube with 3 simple tricks.

First you learn the 3 Tricks with the help of Java animation (and speed control).

Then you go through the step by step animated solution to get familiar with the steps.

Repeat the animation as often and as slow as you want. That is how you learn to solve the Cube.

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Learn to Solve Rubik's Sudoku Cube

If nothing happens when you press the key, click on the applet background to get its attention, then try the key again.
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You can slow the animation speed to observe the moves or you can speed it up.

You can even change the speed in the middle of a animation.

You can save/restore a rubik's cube state to/from a file in your computer or memory in the sandBox panel (in [Option]-tab). Here is a valuable learning tip:
1.  Scramble a cube then save it to file.
2.  Restore the saved scrambled cube from file.
3.  Study the step-by-step solution.
4.  Repeat step 2 as often as you wish.
This allows you to be familiar with the same moves over and over again.
Key-1 to Key-3 are pre-programmed to execute Trick1 to Trick3.

You can assign key-6,key-7 and key-8 to execute your favourite moves:

1.  Click [Option]-tab in the cube applet.
2.  In cannedMove6, type in your moves (click ? for help).
3.  Go back to cube applet (click applet tab).
4.  Click on the applet background to get its attention. Then press key-6.

By editing a simple text-file in your computer, you can change your start up options such as:

1.  playAudio = true, playAudioIntro = false
2.  showSandBox = true
3.  animationSpeed = "6" (0 to 10).
4.  cannedMove6 = "R1> B3< R1< B3>"

Look for a text file in your installed folder with extension ".cfg".

Other benefits such as

†  No need for internet connection.
†  Faster load time.
†  Browser window resize.
†  Define and animate your cube pattern.
†  Product support and updates.

You can record your favourite move and assign it to key-6, key-7 or key-8.

Play back your move by pressing key-6, key-7 or key-8.

This is a great feature when you use a move over and over again to solve the puzzle.

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